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The Free-Standing Pull-Up Station inSPORTline Power Tower PT250 is a beautiful multi-purpose pull-up bar with a stable base that offers a lot more than meets the eye. The smart system allows you to do various exercises using either adjustable parallel bars or a barbell stand. You might also appreciate the regular pull-up bar with a wide range of grip options. The height of the parallel bars can be adjusted to 11 different positions, making it perfect for push-ups. This station allows you to exercise your abs, arms, back, shoulders and legs.

The U-shaped base has a weight limit of 150 kg while the anti-slip rubber pads make sure the station doesnt move during the workout. Made of solid steel, the frame is adjustable and therefore suitable for users of all heights. You can also adjust the position of the backrest (forward or backward).
Adjustable barbell stand
Since you can adjust the height of the barbell stand to 11 positions, you can exercise either standing up or with a workout bench.
Height-adjustable parallel bars
You can also use the parallel bars with two grips and padded armrests. They, too, can be adjusted to 11 positions – the lower positions are perfect for push-ups while the upper positions are perfect for dips or leg extension/curl.
Adjustable backrest
The padded backrest can be adjusted to 4 different positions (forward or backward) to ensure maximum comfort during the workout.
ulti-purpose pull-up bar
At the upper part of the station, theres a pull-up bar with 3 different grips that allows you to strengthen your arm as well as shoulder muscles.
Technical description:

Multi-purpose pull-up station – it features pull-up bar, parallel bars, barbell stand and push-up grips
You can exercise either with parallel bars or barbell stand
Parallel bars/barbell stand can be adjusted to 11 positions
Backrest can be adjusted forward or backward
Pull-up bar with multiple grips
Steel frame
Anti-slip base
Easy assembly
Number of parallel bars/barbell stand positions: 11
Number of backrest positions: 4
Pull-up bar length: 110 cm
Overall dimensions: L 110 x W 108 x H 208 cm
Base dimensions: 105 x 108 cm
Backrest dimensions: 38 x 22 cm
Inner width: 60 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Weight limit: 150 kg
Category: H (EN 957) – home use